Since Timber Mountain is located on the outskirts of and higher than downtown Oakhurst, the campsite recommends using the weather report for the town of Fish Camp as a more accurate source. While the address is technically in Oakhurst, the camp is at 4500 ft elevation, whereas the main part of Oakhurst is in the low to mid-2000s. Remember, our bodies need to be especially well hydrated at higher elevations, so it is crucial that you pack a water bottle to refill throughout the week.

Planning the Drive

Be sure to set your GPS to the physical address of Sugar Pine Christian Camps (48478 Mill Canyon Road, Oakhurst, CA 93644). Do NOT type in "Timber Mountain" unless you want a longer, roundabout adventure that requires 4-wheel drive. Also, depending on your cell carrier, reception may be spotty. We strongly recommend that you download the maps and directions to your phone.

Cabin Assignments

Campers will receive their cabin assignments after checking-in at the A-Frame. Cabin assignments are arranged by age and gender, and they are limited by numbers of beds.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact our Camp Director, Fr. Andrew Smith (director [AT] steugenecamp [DOT] org)