2022's packing list will be up by June.

To see 2021's packing list, click here or click the image of the packing list on this page.

  • We strongly recommend that campers be involved with the packing process, so that they can know what they have and where it is once they're at camp.

  • Remember to pack a WATER BOTTLE to refill throughout the week.

  • MASKS!

    • Required: Pack at least 2 masks to use throughout the week.

    • Recommended: Pack 1 mask per day.

    • (Details on the use of masks will be sent to you through email.)


This year, St. Eugene's will be held at Camp Hye, which is located in Dunlap, CA, where the temperature tends to be rather high during the day (e.g. high 80s-90s) but cools off quite a bit at nighttime. Thus, it is crucial that you pack a water bottle to refill throughout the week. Please follow the packing list so that you can be prepared.

Cabin Assignments

Campers will receive their cabin assignments after checking in. Cabin assignments are arranged by age and gender, are limited by the number of beds, and are non-negotiable.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact our Camp Director, Fr. Andrew Smith (director [AT] steugenecamp [DOT] org)