We need YOU!

Yes, YOU!

We are looking for motivated adults who love to mentor and encourage kids. Also, if you know of anyone who has a skill to share (e.g. facilitating nature walks), ask if they’d be interested in volunteering.

  • Counselors (OPEN) Together with at least one other adult, counselors reside in a cabin with assigned campers throughout the entire week. They take primary responsibility for the whereabouts and safety of the campers assigned to them.

  • Program Volunteers (CLOSED) These volunteers lead or assist with activities such as Arts & Crafts, Christian Education, Games, Meal-serving, Sports, and more!

  • First Aid Manager (CLOSED) This job requires a person(s) who can show proof of medical training since they oversee campers’ meds and treatments; maintain an inventory of medical and first aid supplies; triage, address, treat and document all medical needs; and act as the first responder in the event of a medical emergency.

Application Process

All applicants to volunteer at camp MUST complete & submit ALL 3 parts of our application process.

1. Online Registration (every year)

Registration is live.

2. Background Checks (every three years)

Request a background check through Protect My Ministry (the service used by our Diocese of the West). Please click here to be directed to the submission site and follow the instructions below. If your parish already has a background check on you from within the past three years, you can get a copy of the completed background check from your priest and forward it to the camp director (director [AT] steugenecamp [DOT] org).

  1. Find the "Current Ministry Opportunities" section (at the bottom)

  2. Click on Diocese of the West (towards the bottom of the list)

  3. A new list will appear

  4. Click on Diocesan Chancery (at the very bottom of the list)

  5. Click the Proceed button

  6. Fill out the form

    • Click the Continue button (at the bottom of the first 2 pages)

    • Click Release My Application (at the bottom of the 3rd page)

3. Online Training & Completion Certificate (every three years)

The OCA Office for Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations (ORSMA) in Syosset is currently providing a free, on-line course through Protect My Ministry (our background check company). To take the course, please e-mail the request to the diocesan office (chancery [AT] dowoca [DOT] org) and copy the Camp Director (director [AT] steugenecamp [DOT] org). The administrator will send you an e-mail giving you access to the training module. If you cannot locate the email in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder as your email provider may have filtered it and sent it there. *Please email the completion certificate from this training to the Camp Director.* If you have completed this course in the past three years in connection with your parish, you can get a copy of the current proof of completion from your priest and forward it to the camp director (director [AT] steugenecamp [DOT] org).


Contact our Camp Director, Fr. Andrew Smith

director [AT] steugenecamp [DOT] org